Here are descriptions and links to projects of mine. Not all of these may be related to my research; some are just for fun, others are... well there's not any of those yet.


network_ga is a program to create networks with desired topological features using a self-optimising multi-objective genetic algorithm (SOMOGA).

See its GitHub page.


See what games you and your friends have in common on Steam. You can check it out or peek at the source.

Structured Nodes Model Network

The Structured Nodes network model was introduced in Frisco, P.: Network model with structured nodes. Phys. Rev. E 84 (Aug 2011). This model constructs networks by giving nodes a structure. Nodes are then connected together based upon the differences in their structures.

This project is written in Java and contains

  • Classes for creating networks
  • Classes for analysing networks
  • A program for running the Structured Nodes model
  • An evolutionary algorithm for finding parameters to the SN model that will generate networks with desired measurements

And it uses the taskdispatcher project to parallelise the evolutionary algorithm.

See its project page.


taskdispatcher is a small Java library that I wrote to help distribute tasks over a cluster of computers with the minimum of fuss.

  • Easy to use
  • Intended for coarse grained parallelism
  • Takes advantage of multiple cores on each machine
  • Robust to machine failure
  • Works for me

See its project page, or its GitHub page.

Where This?

A Firefox add-on allowing you to quickly see where things are.

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